Silverlight, New Silverlight Application dialog options

The New Silverlight Application dialog options



Host in a new website

Silverlight applications, even out-of-browser apps, are served from a website. You can also serve them from a static HTML page on the file system but this is a limiting option. You’ll typically want to leave this checked, unless you have an existing website you want to use when building your application.

New Web Project Name

Provide a project name for the website. The default is usually sufficient

New Web Project Type

If you’re an ASP.NET programmer and have a preference as to the ASP.NET project type, set it here. Otherwise, leave at the default.

Silverlight Version

This allows you to select either Silverlight 3 or Silverlight 4.

Enable WCF RIA Services

Check this if you want to link the web project to the Silverlight project as a WCF RIA Services endpoint. This enables additional compile-time tooling.

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