Useful Links 435

  1. MVVM Light V3/alpha3 for Blend 3 and Blend Preview 4
  2. Building Hello MEF – Part II – Metadata and why being Lazy is a good thing.
  3. Caliburn Silverlight Navigation Walkthrough: Introduction
  4. Joe Stegman’s WebBlog : Local Messaging Samples
  5. Inserting Silverlight DeepZoom images into your Web page

Useful Links 431

  1. Silverlight Team Twitter List
  2. The Secret Behind the Page Flip Technique
  3. Twirling smoke effect in Expression Design
  4. Windows System Color Theme for Silverlight – Part Two
  5. Using Azure as a Silverlight Streaming replacement
  6. Tired of being asked if you want your files to be reloaded in Visual Studio when using Blend?
  7. Create a Silverlight Europe weather map
  8. Animating Clipping Paths using Perspective
  9. 50 Interactive Web Applications in Silverlight
  10. Introduction to Silverlight 3.0 Navigation
  11. Ever Need a Sortable ObservableCollection?
  12. Why I Love Silverlight DataBinding – MVVM

Useful Links 427

  1. Notification of Silverlight Applications about Database State Changes
  2. The MVVM Framework Tour – This time, Silverlight styling!
  3. WCF RIA Services
  4. Writing a profiler for Silverlight applications – Part 1
  5. Customizable Loading Indicator for Silverlight 3
  6. Busy Indicator Control In Silverlight 3
  7. Silverlight Charts: Coordinates on Mousemove
  8. Handling Network Outage in Silverlight with Caliburn
  9. Multiple Silverlight controls in 1 XAP
  10. Glass Border Style Button
  11. Reading zip files from Silverlight
  12. EventToCommand + DataStateBehavior eases MVVM pain
  13. Glow Theme
  14. Silverlight MVP List on Twitter
  15. Sincorde Message Windows
  16. How to create a Module based Silverlight application (Part 1)
  17. Detecting duplicate instances of a running Silverlight application
  18. Basic Database Operations in Silverlight 3.0
  19. The Secret Behind the Page Flip Technique
  20. Going Modal In Silverlight
  21. Row Header in DataGrid in Silverlight 3
  22. Windows System Color Theme for Silverlight
  23. You only get one shot to make a first impression! (aka Silverlight Splash Screens)
  24. Slide.Show Image Gallery Control
  25. 3D Photo Gallery
  26. XAML Toolkit CTP = FxCopXaml + XamlDom + System.Xaml.dll support for Silverlight XAML
  27. SilverBullet #12 – System.Threading.SynchronizationContext
  28. Reflection Opacity Effect in Silverlight 3
  29. Application Library Caching – November 2009 Silverlight Toolkit
  30. BusyIndicator: David Poll’s ActivityControl is now in the Silverlight Toolkit November 2009 Release
  31. Walkthrough: The power of the November 2009 Silverlight Toolkit testing tools
  32. Silverlight Toolkit November 2009: Activity Control –> BusyIndicator (a.k.a. Update 3: Displaying background activity in a Silverlight RIA application)
  33. Create Business Objects using RIA Services
  34. MVVM with Prism 101 – Part 4: Modules

Useful Links 423

  1. MVVM and Prism Demo for PDC09 Silverlight Session
  2. From code-behind to MVVM in 90 Minutes – Jason Dolinger on MVVM
  3. A Custom Storyboard Component in Xaml
  4. Karl Shifflett’s WPF and Silverlight shared design-time code
  5. Hyperlink Text Wrap In Silverlight 3
  6. Cursors in Silverlight 3
  7. Dynamic Module Loading with Silverlight Navigation using Prism
  8. Application Library Caching – November 2009 Silverlight Toolkit
  9. BrowserFlow sample from PDC 2009
  10. amCharts Stock Chart for Silverlight
  11. Draggable Popup Window in Silverlight 3
  12. File upload control

Useful Links 419


  1. PDC09 – Meet the Griffs Code drop – information on Commands from the Silverlight Extensions project
  2. RIA Services: Jumpstarting RIA Development
  3. A ChildWindow management service for MVVM applications
  4. Five minute recipe for a decent BoolToVisibilityConverter
  5. Learning Prism (Composite Application Guidance for WPF & Silverlight) MVVM Fundamentals
  6. Use a WCF Service to fill a Silverlight 3 ComboBox
  7. RIA Unleashed deck
  8. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to use the FarseerPhysics.dll to create a Ragdoll with Simulated Physics
  9. Video of my Prism and MVVM at PDC
  10. A Brief Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for .NET, Rx
  11. Inline Hyperlinks in Silverlight 3 (Equivalent of A HREF)
  12. Calling Mailto using JavaScript
  13. Simple File Upload Solution
  14. Silverlight: Where are my colors
  15. Skin your Silverlight 3 app with Implicit Style Manager
  16. Optimizing Silverlight with Enable Redraw Regions
  17. Silverlight – Gadgets, Web Slices and more! (Part 1)
  18. Exploring Silverlight behaviors: look Ma, no code!
  19. Progressbar control in Silverlight 3.0
  20. Advanced View of a ToolTip in Silverlight 3
  21. My Model-View-ViewModel exercise

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